Brad Holmes | Digital Media Designer
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Hi, I am Brad,
i design
pretty cool stuff

From web, print, 3D and even video i love it all

I am a curious individual who is passionate about digital design and all things web. I am a habitual knowledge seeker who loves knowing how things work.


I like to keep it simple. My goals are to focus on conveying the message that you want to send.

Print Design0%
Web Development0%
Online Marketing0%

I have been designing since the Macarena was a big thing and the internet made funny squeaky noises

I love new to push my own boundaries by pursuing new techniques everyday, whether it be web, 3d or video

For the last 3 years i have been a lead designer/developer for the UK biggest underground dance music brand

If i was on mastermind my specialist subject would be web design fads of the noughties, ive done them all


Hours a day i spend on the internet, researching, designing and creating


Coffee drinks i drink on average on a good week


Fonts i have collected over the years of collecting them on projects


Terrabytes of projects files i have designed and created over the years

My recent projects

Latest tweets

My most recent and mildly interesting tweets

Brad Holmes
@iambradholmesOct 25
Anthony Boyd Graphics | Free 5K T-Shirt Mockup PSD via @anthonyjboydii
Brad Holmes
@iambradholmesJun 05
Brad Holmes
@iambradholmesJun 05
Brad Holmes
@iambradholmesMar 02
Brad Holmes
@iambradholmesDec 14
@nickvegas have you seen the logo outro to new spiderman homecoming filme would make a cool tutorial, easy to model and great light and anim
Brad Holmes
@iambradholmesDec 12
@RoyalMail had a parcel stuck at HWDC for over a month now TN: RG309575946CN, its only a item of clothing why is this taking so long

Hire me

If you have a project that you want to get started, think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey, i am am pretty friendly, then get in touch….